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Los Angeles Parkers’ Victory

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The Los Angeles City Council has today decided to forgive drivers who park at broken parking meters in the city. Those who park at meters and who are incapable of paying for the time due to a malfunctioning machine will not be ticketed from now on.

Drivers before would be ticketed and charged the same amount as those whose meters have expired. But the motion passed with a 13-0 vote.

Critics of the motion feel that this will encourage vandalism of parking meters to avoid payment or ticketing; but the new machines that accept credit cards are built stronger and are less likely to break down.

It seems unlikely as well that drivers will choose to destroy meters rather than pay $1-2 for parking.

According to the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, only six meters have broken since January of this year out of the 38,000 located in the city. The odds of finding a broken meter are not in drivers’ favor, so the city does not feel that this passing will heavily decrease its profits from the citations.

This is a nice win for Los Angeles drivers – they deserve breaks as often as they can get them.