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Los Angeles Parkers’ Victory

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The Los Angeles City Council has today decided to forgive drivers who park at broken parking meters in the city. Those who park at meters and who are incapable of paying for the time due to a malfunctioning machine will not be ticketed from now on.

Drivers before would be ticketed and charged the same amount as those whose meters have expired. But the motion passed with a 13-0 vote.

Critics of the motion feel that this will encourage vandalism of parking meters to avoid payment or ticketing; but the new machines that accept credit cards are built stronger and are less likely to break down.

It seems unlikely as well that drivers will choose to destroy meters rather than pay $1-2 for parking.

According to the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, only six meters have broken since January of this year out of the 38,000 located in the city. The odds of finding a broken meter are not in drivers’ favor, so the city does not feel that this passing will heavily decrease its profits from the citations.

This is a nice win for Los Angeles drivers – they deserve breaks as often as they can get them.

LAPD Accused of Mistreating Biker

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Last week, in Marina del Rey, a man was irrationally abused by the Los Angeles Police Department, and is now searching for justice.

Brian Cisneros, 34, was riding his bike to work on Friday night when he was approached by two police officers. This occurred at Ida Avenue and Redwood Avenue.

According to Cisneros, the officers proceeded to attack him without warning and without reason. The lights immediately flashed and the cops pointed their guns at him. Cisneros was thrown to the ground, stomped on his face, choked out, and then tossed onto the police cruiser’s hood.

Cisneros explains that he never resisted the officers in any of their actions, and thought that he was going to die. In the end, he was cited for not having his lights on at night.

He went to the hospital and was treated for a dislocated shoulder, a fractured elbow, and other undisclosed injuries. From there he has filed a complaint against the LAPD.

Cisneros has a record and feels that that may be the reason for the unprovoked assault, but he has been “clean for ten years.”

The incident is under investigation. The two officers have logged the event as a traffic stop and did not make comments about anything further taking place.

It is unclear at this point how this accident will be handled, but it is appalling to think that police officers would attack a man solely for not turning on his lights.

Los Angeles Working to Decrease Amount of Hit-and-Run Accidents

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City officials have been working with lawmakers to work to stop the rising number of accidents that end in a hit-and-run.

According to reports, an estimated 4,000 people are killed in nearly 20,000 reported hit-and-run accidents each year. Most of the incidents only involve property damage; however, the amount of people killed is still staggering.

Nearly half of all reported collisions in Los Angeles result with a driver fleeing the scene.

The responsibility lies with LAPD’s Traffic Divisions, but they will also be working with City Hall and law enforcement to ensure that this number goes down. Recommendations to increase the penalties for those who leave the scene of an accident were well received and may deter those who in the future consider fleeing.

It is not only the law officers who are working together to improve this dire situation; it should also be the community. Los Angeles residents should assist in making accidents less tragic by supporting this project.

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Major Closure of 405 Off-Ramp

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Beginning August 3, Los Angeles Metro will be closing the northbound I-405 Freeway off-ramp at Sunset Boulevard. The closure will last for 120 days.

This closure is a part of the I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project.

During this closure, the contractor is hoping to accomplish building a new off-ramp that will be 60 percent longer than the one that is currently used today. It will include two northbound right turn lanes to eastbound Sunset Boulevard and one northbound left turn lane to westbound Sunset Boulevard.

Drivers are encouraged to plan ahead and route detours according to their commute.

Provided detours are as followed:

Westbound Sunset

  • Daytime: Northbound I-405 off-ramp to westbound Wilshire Boulevard, to northbound Sepulveda Boulevard, to eastbound Sepulveda Way, to westbound Sunset Boulevard.

  • Alternate: Moraga Drive off-ramp, to southbound Sepulveda Boulevard, right on Church Lane to Sunset Boulevard.

  • Nighttime: Northbound I-405 off-ramp to westbound Wilshire Boulevard, right on northbound San Vicente Boulevard, right onto north Barrington Avenue, left onto westbound Sunset Boulevard.

Eastbound Sunset

  • Northbound I-405 off-ramp to eastbound Wilshire Boulevard, to northbound Veteran Avenue to eastbound Sunset Boulevard.

The entire project will take time and has a lot of features to improve Los Angeles drivers’ commute.

Be aware of closures not only to lessen your drive time, but also to increase safety.

Alert to Los Angeles Residents



A 90-year-old bicyclist was hit and killed by a passing motorist. The driver then fled the scene.

If you have any information regarding the accident, contact the Los Angeles Police Department immediately.


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Santa Ana Teen Recovering from Major Accident

Source ;Summary A Los Angeles Fire Department ambulance en route to an emergency

On Friday night, a teenager was hit by a car while standing outside of a house party and was seriously injured. Though his recovery is taking its time, he is remaining positive.

Caleb Taylor resides in a Santa Ana hospital ICU right now rather than in Irvine, where his family lives. His injuries threaten his athletic lifestyle where he excels in baseball because he was the unlucky victim of a random crash.

The Irvine Police responded to a call that came in around 10:15 p.m. Friday night, claiming that there was an accident at the intersection of West Yale Loop and Stone Creek North.

According to Taylor’s friend’s reports, Taylor was outside attempting to break up a fight that was ongoing when a vehicle intentionally drove into the crowd.

The driver was allegedly driving at high speeds. Including Taylor, his actions injured three people.

Police apprehended the suspect, but he has been released after posting his bail. He is expected in court on Tuesday.

Taylor is keeping his spirits up despite his current situation. He has undergone one surgery and is waiting to learn what more is required.

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West Los Angeles Accident Injures Three and Kills One

On Sunday in Los Angeles, California, three people were left seriously injured and another was killed after being involved in a multi-vehicle accident.

The collision occurred at La Cienega Boulevard and Cashio Street around 11:30 p.m. Though more than one vehicle was involved, the injured parties were all pedestrians unfortunately caught up in the car crash.

According to investigators, a Ford Mustang was driving at high speeds on La Cienega and hit two other vehicles in its path. One of those struck vehicles was pushed over a curb and forced into the four pedestrians.

The driver of the Mustang who caused the accident attempted to flee on foot, but was caught and arrested by police shortly afterward.

One victim was pronounced dead on the scene and the three others were rushed to the local hospital. One has been reported to be in critical condition, while the other two are in serious conditions. The identities of the four victims have not been released at this time, but it is suspected the victim that was killed was a local transient.

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