Land Rover Transparent Hood Comes Previewed

Land Rover Transparent Hood Comes PreviewedBy Anthony Alaniz

At this year’s New York auto show, Land Rover is preparing to change off-roading forever. Instead of climbing Everest whilst staring fearfully up at the pale blue abyss, Land Rover is aiming to give drivers an unobstructed view of what’s below the SUV.

Land Rover is turning the entire bottom half of the windshield into a heads-up display. A front mounted camera then projects the terrain on the lower half, giving the illusion of a transparent hood.

The new technology doesn’t just show a driver where he is in relation to the terrain, but also augments reality to show tire position as well, to give the driver even greater control.

While heads-up displays are nothing new, this is the first time they could be used to revolutionize going off road.

Land Rover is optimistic for the new technology, though it will likely be used for more practical applications like parking and autonomous car innovation. The technology is being previewed on the Land Rover Discovery Vision concept that was recently unveiled at this year’s New York auto show.

Source: Land Rover

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