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Speed Was Cause Of Paul Walker’s, Roger Rodas’ Death

Speed Was Cause Of Paul Walker Death

By Anthony Alaniz

The investigation into the sudden, unexpected death of actor Paul Walker and race car driver Roger Rodas is finally finished. The report states the car was traveling between 80 and 93 mph at the time of the crash—the sole contributing factor to the crash as determined by investigators was excessive speed. Both were wearing their seat belts and both airbags deployed.

With cooperation from Porsche, investigators were able to determine that the Carrera GT was mechanically sound before the crash, ruling out any mechanical failure as a cause of the crash.

The investigator’s report went on to note that the tires found on the left side of the car were over nine years old at the time of the accident, contradicting the GT’s owner’s manual that said tires older than four years old shouldn’t be used for safety reasons. The right-side tires were too damaged for their age to be determined.

Toxicology reports ruled out drugs and alcohol as contributing factors to the crash. Eyewitness reports and security camera footage showed the Carrera GT alone, ruling out street racing.

The death of Walker and Rodas are stark reminders of how terribly wrong a crash can go when it is traveling at a high rate of speed. It should be a sobering reminder how fragile life is.

Source: Road & Track

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‘Fast & Furious 7′ facing script challenges after Paul Walker’s death

Fast and Furious Paul Walker

(Source: Universal Pictures)

By Anthony Alaniz

After actor Paul Walker’s death Nov. 30, the fate of the Fast and Furious franchise was unknown. Universal Pictures indefinitely postponed filming and production after the tragedy occurred.

Now, Universal is scrambling to figure out how to finish Fast & Furious 7.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, film writer Chris Morgan is writing multiple versions in the hopes of being able to salvage the footage they already have of Walker.

Walker died once filming was underway, but still far from completion.

“Almost exactly half of his role was done,” said one source to The Hollywood Reporter.  Universal has already spent $150 million on the film, and if they are not able to continue with the footage they have, they will have to end production and start over.

Filming is scheduled to resume in January, but it is doubtful the script will be ready by then. The film’s release date, July 11, has been scrapped for the time being. Sources within Universal believe an eighth installment of the franchise will receive the green light from executives once the seventh film is finished.

There are also numerous legal hurdles facing the franchise. If filming needs to start over, there could be a hefty insurance claim. In addition, with cast and crew, their respective guilds have policies in place that dictate how long they can remain on the job and how much they are paid during their hiatus. If it takes longer than expected to revise the script, actors could face scheduling conflicts with other projects.

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