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Green Cars For Rent Fill Los Angeles Niche

Green Cars For Rent Fill Los Angeles Niche

By Anthony Alaniz

MPG Car Rental sets itself apart from the competition by offering only green cars to rent in Los Angeles. While other rental agencies offer some green vehicles, MPG Car Rental focuses solely on the green-car niche.

MPG Car Rental emerged from California Car Rental after the owner saw potential in offering only green cars. He then made the switch.

Offerings include the expected Toyota Prius, along with the Chevrolet Volt, Volkswagen’s clean-diesel models and the Tesla Model S.

Other car rental companies like Hertz offers its “Green Traveler Collection,” which offers a variety of environmentally friendly models. What makes MPG Car Rental a lucrative business is its proximity to the airport, something other companies don’t have the advantage of.

Even with being close to the airport, local residents also take advantage of what cars MPG Car Rental has to offer.

“I needed a car. My car was going into the shop, and I found these guys right in the neighborhood,” said Laura Lee, a local business owner, in an interview with KABC Los Angeles. “It’s very affordable.”

If a customer rented a Toyota Prius and wants to own one, MPG Car Rental will give the customer a voucher so they can go to an affiliated dealership and receive a reimbursement of a rental that’s taken off the purchase price

While green cars may be a niche in the automotive world, companies like MPG Car Rental offers a great service for the environmentally conscious.

Source: KABC Los Angeles

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