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Escaped camel injured man, chased cars in rural Los Angeles County

By Anthony Alaniz

An escaped camel rampaged a rural Los Angeles county Friday in the unincorporated community of Acton. The camel was reported to be chasing cars shortly after 8:30 a.m.

The camel escaped from an enclosure and stomped a 72-year-old man who tried to capture it.

“My dad . . . tried to catch it and it must have cornered him or something, and it took off after him, bit him on the head and knocked him down and stomped on him,” Skylar Dossenbach told KCBS-TV. “He crawled under something and the camel tried to pull him out from under it.”

The father was hospitalized. The man, who hasn’t been identified, needed stiches for a gash in his head, Dossenbach said in an interview with KCBS-TV.

Dossenbach said she eventually captured the camel.

“I just put a halter on him, fed him a treat and he calmly walked down to my round pen and I corralled him,” she said in the interview.

Animal control seized the animal because the owner does not have a permit to have such an animal. The owner, who hasn’t been named, could also be cited for endangering residents, sheriff’s officials said.

Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune 

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LAPD Accused of Mistreating Biker

Marina del Rey, Satellite Photograph via wikimedia commons

Last week, in Marina del Rey, a man was irrationally abused by the Los Angeles Police Department, and is now searching for justice.

Brian Cisneros, 34, was riding his bike to work on Friday night when he was approached by two police officers. This occurred at Ida Avenue and Redwood Avenue.

According to Cisneros, the officers proceeded to attack him without warning and without reason. The lights immediately flashed and the cops pointed their guns at him. Cisneros was thrown to the ground, stomped on his face, choked out, and then tossed onto the police cruiser’s hood.

Cisneros explains that he never resisted the officers in any of their actions, and thought that he was going to die. In the end, he was cited for not having his lights on at night.

He went to the hospital and was treated for a dislocated shoulder, a fractured elbow, and other undisclosed injuries. From there he has filed a complaint against the LAPD.

Cisneros has a record and feels that that may be the reason for the unprovoked assault, but he has been “clean for ten years.”

The incident is under investigation. The two officers have logged the event as a traffic stop and did not make comments about anything further taking place.

It is unclear at this point how this accident will be handled, but it is appalling to think that police officers would attack a man solely for not turning on his lights.

Santa Ana Teen Recovering from Major Accident

Source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Losangelesfiredepartmentambulance.jpg ;Summary A Los Angeles Fire Department ambulance en route to an emergency

On Friday night, a teenager was hit by a car while standing outside of a house party and was seriously injured. Though his recovery is taking its time, he is remaining positive.

Caleb Taylor resides in a Santa Ana hospital ICU right now rather than in Irvine, where his family lives. His injuries threaten his athletic lifestyle where he excels in baseball because he was the unlucky victim of a random crash.

The Irvine Police responded to a call that came in around 10:15 p.m. Friday night, claiming that there was an accident at the intersection of West Yale Loop and Stone Creek North.

According to Taylor’s friend’s reports, Taylor was outside attempting to break up a fight that was ongoing when a vehicle intentionally drove into the crowd.

The driver was allegedly driving at high speeds. Including Taylor, his actions injured three people.

Police apprehended the suspect, but he has been released after posting his bail. He is expected in court on Tuesday.

Taylor is keeping his spirits up despite his current situation. He has undergone one surgery and is waiting to learn what more is required.

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Fatal Accident in Poway

English: A Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) ...

English: A Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) ladder truck – no. 27. Vehicle is a ‘tractor drawn aerial’ with separate rear wheel steering. A two image stitch Русский: Пожарная машина №27 лос-анджелесского Пожарного Департамента. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A major accident occurred Thursday morning in Poway, California. There are few details regarding the accident at this point, but police have reported one fatality.

The collision took place around 4:00 a.m. A fire truck was heading out to respond to a medical emergency that had been called in the northern San Diego County area.

A Honda was also on the road in the early hours. The two then collided in an intersection. As the Honda is significantly smaller than the truck, the driver and passenger were at much more risk for injury than the firefighters.

A female passenger of the vehicle was killed immediately after the impact. The male driver was injured and taken to the hospital. His current condition is unknown; however, at the scene, his injuries were deemed severe.

The firefighters were all fine after the accident, and did not report any injuries.

The cause of the accident, the cause of death, or the type of injuries that the driver sustained has not been reported at this time. The accident is still under heavy investigation.

This accident is quite tragic. No matter the severity of the crash, having two cars so diversely sized creates very dangerous situations.

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Bus and Tow Truck Accident in Downtown Los Angeles


Los_Angeles_metro-bus_number_1312 (Photo credit: David Guo’s Master)

Early Wednesday morning, there was an accident involving a tow truck and a Metro bus in downtown Los Angeles. Though there were injuries, the outcome is quite fortunate considering what could have been.

The collision happened around 5:00 a.m. at 5th Street and Broadway. Though the cause of the accident is still being inspected, the two hit each other and the truck was then forced into a convenience store. The bus’s front and the truck’s back were both completely smashed and flattened.

Both drivers were injured and could only be removed from their vehicles with the Jaws of Life. The Los Angeles Fire Department responded to the accident and worked to pull the drivers out.

The bus driver has been identified as a 35-year-old woman. She was critically injured and taken to the hospital. Fortunately, there were no passengers on her bus at the time of the accident.

The tow truck driver was seriously injured and taken to the hospital as well. Another injury occurred inside the 7-Eleven convenience store into which the truck had crashed – a man working there suffered minor injuries and was treated at the scene.

Police are investigating the scene and building inspectors have been called to examine the damage of the building.

Though this accident is still unfavorable, it could have been much worse. Because there were no bus passengers and because the store was mostly empty, the injuries were not as rampant. The current conditions of the two drivers are unknown, but they are being treated at local hospitals for their wounds.

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