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Retired NYPD Officer Saves Woman’s Life on Santa Monica Freeway

Perfect 10

Perfect 10 (Photo credit: squarecircle)

Marc Manfro was heading to the beach on Sunday when he saw something that was shocking and dangerous all at once. His instincts kicked in and he put his own life in serious danger to save a stranger’s.

Manfro worked with the New York Police Department prior to this incidence and now lives in Castaic, California. On his journey to the ocean, he spotted a woman standing in the middle of the 10 Freeway.

Upon entering the westbound 10 Freeway from the 405, Manfro spotted the middle-aged woman standing alone as cars passed her at high speeds at Bundy Drive. It was around 8:00 a.m., which means likely that there was less traffic, sparing her life to that point.

Manfro was sure that he was about to see this woman get killed. He wanted to save her but was unsure whether he would be able to or whether he would be able to in time. A quick decision was made and he went about to rescue the troubled woman.

He ignited his hazard lights and came to a stop near where she was standing, half in the right lane and half in the shoulder. He then went about slowing down the other lanes to walk across and grab her.

A minivan driven by M’Lissa Fleming was in the lane next to him. He signaled for her to stop and she did. She then watched him attempt to travel across the next lane, inching closer to the victim. Fleming expresses her fear that her children would have seen the woman die, and that was not something that she wanted to experience.

Manfro got one more vehicle to stop in his path and his route to the woman became clear. He then ran to her, grabbed her and carried her back to the right hand shoulder. According to Manfro, she resisted and screamed, “You’re not God!”

Based on the state of her clothing and hygiene, she was likely homeless and wanted to harm herself. Manfro had to restrain her the entire time until California Highway Patrol arrived to take her away to receive medical attention.

Everyone is calling Manfro a hero, deservedly. “It takes a certain kind of person to put yourself out there to try to save someone else. He did a good job,” states Officer Karina Munoz.

Manfro sided with the woman when she stated that he was not God; he retorted, “I agree with you I’m not God, but today I’m doing his work.”