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Naked Man Stops LA Traffic After Climbing On Roof Of Tesla

Naked Man Stops LA Traffic After Climbing On Roof Of Tesla

By Anthony Alaniz

A naked man stopped Los Angeles traffic Tuesday by ripping off his clothes and dancing on his car’s roof. In a video uploaded to YouTube, firefighters are seen trying to coax the man down. According to Teddy Bliss, who identified himself as the video’s cameraman, said the video he filmed was just a small portion of the chaos that ensued.

“This all started when the guy driving the Tesla stopped in the middle of the PCH and jumped out of the car! Running around waving a shirt, acting like something was wrong with his Tesla,” he wrote in an email to the New York Daily News.

The naked man then jumped back into his car, driving wildly through traffic before crashing into a MIni Cooper. By that point both firefighters and ambulance personnel were at the scene. Police arrived shortly thereafter and helped load the man onto a stretcher.

Capt. Scott, of Pacific Palisades FIre Station 69, said the man may have had a “meltdown or psychiatric episode or was on a controlled substance.”

The identity of the man hasn’t been released.

Source: New York Daily News

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