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Smartphone Application that Allows Residents to be Ticketers

U park like an as*****

U park like an as***** (Photo credit: elgringospain)

Though still in development, the mobile phone application SpotSquad will eventually allow Los Angeles drivers and residents to report illegal parking done by other travelers, and to get paid for it.

Have you ever circled and circled a parking lot looking for spots and find a vehicle parked in two spaces? Or have you become infuriated after attempting to park in a compact space with your compact car that is next to a Ford F350? This app will make it possible to send a photo of the offensive parking to the authorities who can then respond with a ticket or a tow.

Because law enforcement at this time would not allow this app to be sufficient evidence in providing a ticket, it is only a helpful hint to parking officials. If a picture is sent, the operator of that lot or local law enforcement is notified; and if s/he arrives to the vehicle before it is moved, a ticket will be issued. Once that ticket is paid off by the perpetrator, the original alerter will receive a portion of the fee as a reward.

Eventually the company behind the app would like to make these photos official proof, which would then automatically issue a citation for the vehicle whether the enforcement arrived on time or not.

The app is still being perfected; however, it will likely arrive in Los Angeles and fellow commuters/shoppers/residents can lend their helping hands in ticketing. This would work to deter people from parking without any consideration to other drivers.

The creators have already received criticism for the application stating that it is unfair; however, they simply retort with, “Just read the signs, follow the rules and you won’t have a problem.”