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Robbers Get Prison For Tossing Loot Out Window

Robbers Get Prison For Tossing Loot Out Window

By Anthony Alaniz

Two bank robbers who threw their loot out a car window during a police pursuit have been sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

Lavelle Mosley, 24, received 33 years. Terion Collins, 27, received 45 years and eight months. They were both convicted of of robbery in January. They robbed a Bank of America branch in Canyon Country in September 2012. They fled in a stolen Volvo SUV,

The men then led police on an hour-long chase. During the pursuit, the men threw fistfuls of cash out of the Volvo’s window. Bystanders scrambled to collect the money and hampered the Los Angeles Country sheriff’s deputies. The police arrested the men as throngs of people closed in on the scene and tried to taking the remaining money from the SUV.

Source: Miami Herald

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