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Two killed on car accident, one is grandson of Bobby Bowden

Two killed on car accident, one is grandson of Bobby Bowden

Bobby Bowden, former Florida State football coach (Source: USA Today)

By Anthony Alaniz

A vehicle traveling near Winter Haven, Fla. crossed the oncoming lane, crashed through a fence, went down an embankment, and landed upside down in a water-filled ditch. A driver traveling along the highway spotted the car accident around 7:45 a.m. Thursday, according to a Polk County Sheriff’s Office report.

Two men, Taylor Jeffrey Bowden, 23, and Rafael Fernandes De Aguiar Valim, 25, who was driving the vehicle, were both killed in the accident. The third man, Robert Lewis Edwards, 22, was rescued from the neck-deep water.

Bowden is the grandson of former Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden.

“Our whole family had just celebrated Christmas together in Panama City, as well as celebrated T.J.’s graduation from Florida State just three weeks ago,” Bobby Bowden said. “We will cherish those last memories together with T.J. forever.”

This is the second grandson Bobby Bowden has lost in an auto accident. Bowden Madden and John Allen Madden were killed in 2004 when the car they were in collided with a utility truck.

According to the sheriff’s office, it appears alcohol might have been a contributing factor. There were few other details so far from the investigation. The car accident remains under investigation by local officials.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

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Car Features on the Brink of Extinction


Automobile (Photo credit: A*A*R*O*N)

Fortune recently compiled a list of automobile features that are dying out as the technology and manufacturing of cars progress.

The original list was comprised of eleven features:

  1. Manual Transmissions
  2. Keys
  3. Crank Windows
  4. Antennas
  5. Handbrakes
  6. Bias-ply Tires
  7. Bench Seats
  8. Hardtop Convertibles
  9. 85 mph Speedometers
  10. Spare Tires
  11. Hinged Vent Windows

Though some of these have been fading out of car models for years, others are fairly surprising.

The fact that manual transmissions will be a thing of the past tells us so much about the need for ease and convenience while driving. Automatic transmissions have become smoother as well as arguably conserve more gasoline. Manual transmissions have decreased in numbers over the years to the point where they are almost completely undesirable.

Though manual vehicles will not be obsolete immediately, it is very likely that the types of models that provide the option will be limited in the coming years.

Another interesting shift is the lack of requirement for keys. Many manufacturers now have established key-less ignitions that have received rave reviews from customers. Very few cars these days need keys to start a vehicle, and even fewer require keys to unlock doors. Push-button ignitions have been established so that drivers do not need a physical instrument to ignite a vehicle, and that style usually comes with a fob that unlocks cars as the drivers approach it.

In the future, keys and fobs will both become unnecessary and people will be able to open their vehicles with their smartphones.

85 mph speedometers were first enlisted to persuade drivers to remain at or below the legal speed limit (55 mph at that time). Though some cars were able to drive faster than 85 mph, the regulations dictated that a speedometer could not show anything higher than that and would emphasize the 55 mph limit visually. This did very little to deter drivers from speeding, so soon after a 160 mph maximum was added to the speedometers despite the legal limit being far below that.

It is sad to see some of these features go, but others have been dying out for years and for current and future cars, they just do not make sense. As automobile technology advances, drivers will be able to notice the above-mentioned characteristics of new vehicles disappear.

If your car has any of these features and you feel that you cannot bear to part with them, it is strongly recommended that you hold onto that vehicle as long as you can. Eventually you won’t be able to find one like it.