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"Without The Car Accident Attorney Offices I donít know what I would have done. I was only able to put my son through treatment because of the money I received from our case. I just wanted to send my deepest thanks and let you know we will refer anyone who is in need of a car accident attorney directly to you!"

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Injured by an Airbag?

Airbags have helped save a numerous amount of lives. But, it is alarming to know the high number of deaths that have resulted from airbag failures. Vehicle defects, such as problems with airbags, have presented a problem to shorter drivers. These drivers tend to sit closer to the steering wheel driving their vehicle. Sometimes defective airbags can deploy in a low-speed car collision. This can cause tragic physical injuries and deaths in accidents. An overly aggressive airbag can be another reason for airbag injuries. When these types of airbags are deployed, it may intrude too far into an occupants face. The impact can also be too aggressive for small people or children.

Airbags that inflate with too much force can cause trauma. The trauma can include damage to the face, head, neck, and spine. In rare cases, these impacts can also cause brain damage and physical disfigurement. Due to ever-changing technology, newer air bag systems use safer multi- force inflators. Even though these new designs may help lower injury rates in airbags, airbag safety is still a concern.

This is because newer cars involve crash sensors. These sensors require the vehicle to be going a certain speed limit for them to deploy. The problem is that these sensors have been known to signal the airbag in needless situations. On the other hand, in some collisions, crash sensors can also delay the signal to deploy, causing the airbag to either inflate needlessly or too late to prevent injuries in a crash. As one can see, airbag failures are among the most dangerous vehicle defects, and newer, safer designs are long past due.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there have been 22,466 lives that have been saved by the use of airbag. Unfortunately, since 1990, over 400 airbag-related deaths have occurred. These types of accidents can cause physical and financial pains which you do not deserve.

If you or a loved one has been physically hurt from an airbag you must act quickly. Acting quickly can be the difference in ensuring legitimacy for your accident. Contacting an injury lawyer should be at the top of your list. Waiting long periods of time can be a cause for loss of evidence. By being proactive and finding a lawyer quickly, you are giving yourself a quicker path to physical and financial recovery. A well-qualified lawyer will work by your side and ensure that you are repaid for the troubles you have acquired

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