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Roof Crush Accident

When inspecting a car, itís likely youíll kick the tires, check the maintenance records and test out the mechanical functions as you drive. How often do you test for roof strength? For the most part, all you require of the roof is to stay in one piece and maybe carry some cargo. If you are ever in a car crash and roll the car, you hope that the roof is strong enough not to be crushed.

Few accidents are as terrifying for the victims as a rollover crash. These typically occur when the car is travelling at high speeds going into a turn. Rollovers may also happen when the car leaves the road and falls down an embankment. Itís more likely to happen in a vehicle with a high center of gravity, like a truck or semi, but the fact is that any vehicle could roll under the right conditions.

When that happens, there is a chance that the roof of the vehicle could be crushed under the weight of the car. Roof crash accidents are very dangerous for the occupants and are linked to 30 percent of car accident deaths in the United States. About 10,000 people are killed because of roof crush injuries. This is because beyond the physical force of the roof collapsing, passengers are often ejected from the vehicle leading to greater injury.

Despite the high levels of death and injury from these accidents, they are actually fairly uncommon. Only about 3 percent of all car accidents involve a rollover or roof crush. However, the incidence of rollover accidents increases as the SUV becomes more popular. These types of vehicles are often top heavy, which contributes to the problem.

In order to fight the chances of roof crush occurring during a crash, auto manufacturers strive to improve the stability and stiffness of vehicles. For example, roll bars are standard on open Jeep models. The bars are an option for people who drive convertibles as well. Newer vehicles may have electronic skid control to aid drivers that could lose control of the vehicle.

Research into the relationship between injury and roof crush yields differing results. Some studies show that the vehicle occupants are thrown into the roof and itís not the collapsing roof itself that causes injury. Others show that the roof does cause injury and that there is a correlation between stronger roofs and reduced injury in accidents.

The federal government requires minimum roof strength by law. Roof Crush Resistance states that the roof must leave sufficient head room for an adult male when the car is pushed by a force three times the car weight. This was a 2009 update that improved the previous standard. In 2014, itís expected that the government will require additional rollover testing regarding the restraint systems, like the seatbelt and side curtain airbags.

When you are involved in a crash like this, you need an attorney that understands these aspects of a rollover accident and the laws surrounding proper roof strength. Hiring The Car Accident Attorney Offices ensures you have personal injury lawyer that can take on auto defect cases. Call today for a free legal consultation about your roof crush or rollover case.

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